One-Pagers in the Classroom

Recently I decided to do a presentation on something I use in my classroom all the time: One-pagers. I can't pinpoint the time when I discovered them but they absolutely align with my educational philosophy: for students to learn about art. Of course we make projects but I see so many times teachers busting out projects left and right and I am left wondering: What did the kids actually learn? One-pagers, for me, was that perfect balance of learning, creating, and retaining information. Here is my powerpoint that I turned into a video format. Also Below are two pages with all of the important takeaways from my presentation. If you create a one-pager I would love for you to share it with me. Tag me on Instagram! Also, I am providing a link to my TpT account for free One-Pager layouts right here ----> Free one-Pagers

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