About Bailey Blu:

What is Creatorium Explorium all about and where did it come from? 


I was born in Tennessee and later moved to Wisconsin. After many fun years of boulder climbing, cheese-eating and speaking with a "Northern" accent, I moved to Mississippi where I settled down and went to college. I graduated from the University of Mississippi with a BFA in Art and an emphasis in Printmaking.


After moving to Texas, (my fourth and hopefully final state to live in,) I knew that I could not live my life fully unless I got my teacher certification and had my own classroom. Now I am fully certified in Art Education EC-12 and have found the school district of my dreams. I was awarded Teacher of the Year by my former elementary school for 2017-2018 and now am happily teaching middle schoolers. Yes, I said happily.


When it comes to creating, I have always said that I am good at everything, but not great at anything...except scrapbooking. I dabble in pretty much everything I can get my hands on; knitting, crotchet, embroidery, punch needle, pottery, watercolor, oil and acrylic painting, mosaic, sewing, polymer clay, jewelry making... I do it all. Pretty much I have an extremely curious mind and a short attention span.